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How to use the Betaflight notch filter | Propwashed Remember, debug[0] and debug[2] are the raw values, while debug[1] and debug[3] are the corresponding values with the notch filter applied. If you see any improvement from 0- 1 or 2- 3, your notch filter is working! Results. I only recently applied the notch filter to my quad after a . Vibration Analysis by using Fast Fourier Transform ... Also, to get the proper magnitude of the PSD peak, you need to scale the FFT output by 1/L where L is the length of the signal. Notice the figure in the demo is a sum of two frequencies with different magnitudes (0.7 and 1.0) and the output PSD peak magnitudes are near those values. Go Figure – UVM Configure: The Good, The Bad, The Debug ... The UVM Configuration database - the uvm_config_db - is used for setting parameters and controls. This database has a hierarchical aspect, is typed, has precedence or priority and has rules about first-wins or last-wins. In short, the UVM Configuration database is a complex machine used by every SystemVerilog UVM testbench. It can also be hard to debug and complex to understand.    Read More