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hitting out of wet sand traps

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How To Hit Out Of A Sand Trap: Bunkers Made Easy Hitting out of a sand trap is a pet peeve to many golfers. We want to allay their fears by building their skills in this area. The fear comes from wanting too much out of your sand play and failing at it. Golfers usually aim to reach the pin from the sand bunker directly and end up topping the ball. Sand Trap difficulties caused by wet sand? | Canyon Collective Apr 26, 2018· Or, one can put the Sand Trap a long way back so it has time to empty before hitting the constriction. Wet sand density is approx 3.5, dry sand 2.5 --- but the main thing is that the wet sand tends to be sticky. Golf rules question -- Casual water fills sand trap ... Feb 13, 2010· Recently, during a friendly game, a player in my group hit a shot into a green-side bunker that was completely filled with free-standing casual water. Normally he would be able to take a free drop no nearer the hole within the hazard, but there was nowhere .    Read More